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Top 5 most common misconceptions about liposuction

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Even though liposuction is extremely popular and most people are aware of it as an effective treatment, there are several common misconceptions that still exist regarding liposuction. In this blog post we’ll run you through some of these misconceptions, so you can focus on the facts and make an informed decision about liposuction yourself.

It’s not for men or older people

More men than ever before are using cosmetic surgery such as liposuction to both look and feel better in their own skin. However, the stereotype still remains that liposuction is only available or beneficial for women. This same myth exists for older individuals, but the truth in both cases is that successful liposuction completely depends on the elasticity of the potential patient’s skin. We know plenty of men and people in their latter years who are able to get liposuction done.

It gets rid of cellulite and loose skin

Many people mistakenly believe that cellulite – small depressions in the skin – can be removed and cured by liposuction. While there are other treatments designed to specifically target and treat cellulite, liposuction solely removes soft, fatty tissue and doesn’t treat the skin. For some people, traditional liposuction may reduce the perceived presence of cellulite, however dermatologists have also warned that for many others, liposuction can potential worsen its appearance. Ultimately, it’s best to make an appointment for consultation before settling on a decision.

It’s a solution for weight loss

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons often see overweight patients who believe that liposuction will help them to lose weight, but the truth is that liposuction is not an effective, lasting weight loss tool. In fact, many patients can even be told that they need to lose weight before they can go ahead with a liposuction procedure. Generally, liposuction is recommended for those at a stable, healthy weight level who want to correct ‘problem areas’ instead of those looking for a magic fix.

Body fat will return somewhere else

This is a common fear for many people – that after liposuction, fat will regrow and redistribute around other areas of the body. Although it may be true that liposuction patients won’t see their fat returning in the treated areas, an increase in fat after liposuction can occur by post-operative weight gain. Because the fat cells in the specified area have been removed, the body will still store fat in other areas.

It’s a painful procedure

There seems to be a lot of confusion around how painful a procedure liposuction is. While some people seem to think the procedure will be extremely painful, others believe that they’ll be able to return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure. When liposuction is performed following an expert consultation and administered by professionals, it isn’t a painful procedure. You may experience swelling or soreness afterwards, and will be advised to rest for a minimum of around a week before returning to daily, active life – standard for any treatment similar to liposuction.

If you’re interested in treating a ‘problem area’ of your body with Palm Clinic’s liposuction services, then make an appointment now and begin your journey to a happier and healthier body!


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