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Almost everyone has heard about ‘bags under your eyes’, but what causes puffy eyes, and what can be done about them? Swelling below the eyes tends to appear as we age. There are 42 muscles in the face, each supporting the face to maintain the youthful and smooth look we have when we are younger. As the body ages the tissues around the eyes begin to droop as the supporting muscles become more lax. Fluid and fat can pool beneath the eyes, causing a swollen and puffy appearance. While having bags under your eyes can be a minor concern some are seeking a fix for bags under their eyes. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help. Read below to learn more about bags under eye causes, and bags under eyes treatment at Palm Clinic Auckland, NZ.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

Bags under eyes may cause you to look tired, but usually cause no discomfort. They can appear as:

  • Puffy eyes or swollen areas beneath the eyes
  • Dark circles or rings under the lower eyelid
  • Saggy skin or tired appearance

If, however, you’re experiencing bags under your eyes where the swelling is painful, red, itchy or severe in size, it’s important you see a doctor immediately to rule out any medical concerns such as infection, allergy, or eye disease.

As you grow older, the support muscles around your eyes weaken and result in bags under the eyes. Eyelids begin to weaken, and skin around the eye can begin to sag causing fat and fluid to project forward in the loose lower eyelid skin. While there is little to do about the effects of gravity and age without cosmetic treatments, you can prevent any exacerbation of bags under the eyes by identifying any influencing factors, such as smoking, fluid retention, sun exposure, stress, allergies to certain foods, products or medication, and lack of sleep.

Bags Under Eye Surgery, Fixes and Treatment

Our treatment of choice at Palm Clinic, Auckland, NZ to improve bags under eyes is to use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the temples, cheeks and under eye area (tear trough) to lift the tissue and disguise the full lower eyelids. Most of our clients would prefer a cosmetic procedure that avoids cosmetic surgery. Dermal fillers are a minimally invasive and safe way to treat under eye bags which is done as an outpatient procedure at Palm Clinic. You can read more about these on our dedicated treatment page.

Dermal Fillers

Some people are unaware, but it is best to avoid treating Crow’s feet with Botox® if you have puffy eyes, as it will often exacerbate this condition. This is one of many reasons that it is best to see an accredited clinic like Palm Clinic for any cosmetic procedure. Palm Clinic is accredited with the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine and has been an Auckland favourite for 25 years.

Complementary to hyaluronic acid injectable fillers, is the use of either Fraxel laser or dermal needling (Dermapen) to improve the skin tone and texture of the under eye area. Each of these technologies damage the skin in a controlled way, harnessing the healing response to promote collagen production.

To enhance and protect your result, we recommend seeing our skin therapist. She will prescribe medical grade skincare (such as vitamin A, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients) and/or medifacials or chemical peels to further improve your skin health.

Depending on the severity of your concern and the underlying cause behind your puffy eyes, we may recommend a lower lid blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery), performed by a plastic surgeon, as a minimally invasive surgical procedure. This works by removing excess fat and excess skin from the lower eyelid and can also be used to address upper eyelid concerns. Blepharoplasty is a simple and easy surgical procedure, which you can read more about on our dedicated treatment page.

Lastly, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make at home, in addition to using your medical grade skin care to help with eye puffiness:

  • Apply a cool compress- a damp flannel, or cucumber slices.
  • Reduce your salt intake.
  • Avoid smoking: this irritates the eyes, as well as damages skin integrity.
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle – a healthy diet, exercise, and good quality sleep are all important to reduce eye bags.
  • Avoid anything that irritates your eyes, they may be a trigger for allergies. If your eyes feel irritated and are red, or teary, these are signs of allergy. Avoid the irritant/allergen, and try over the counter antihistamine to relieve symptoms.

Before and After Photos

Under eye treatment with dermal fillers

This before and after image, displays the use of dermal fillers to reduce dark circles beneath the eyes and hide lower lid bags. You can see more examples of dermal filler results here.

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam DunnConsulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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Botox®  is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet round the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox® is right for you. If you have side effects, see your doctor. You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your healthcare professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary. Should only be administered by trained medical professionals.(Contains botulinum toxin A 50,100 & 200 units). Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.

Juvederm Ultra™ & Juvederm Ultra Plus™ are medical devices Class III for the filling of medium size and deep facial wrinkles by injection into the skin and for creating definition and volume in the lips. Contains 24mg/mL. cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Juvederm has risks and benefits. Cautions: Use in an area that has been treated with another dermal filler, people with autoimmune disease, or who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18 years of age or have an increased susceptibility to keloid formation and hypertrophic scarring. People on blood thinning medicines. Possible side effects: injection site inflammatory reactions (redness/swelling, itching/pain on pressure) induration or nodules; discolouration; weak filling effect. If you have side effects or concerns speak to your doctor. Product and treatment costs will apply. Note: Juvederm treatment lasts about 12-24 months. For product information check with your doctor or product information at Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.      

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