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As we age, gravity slowly exerts its effect on the tissues of the face. We lose the fullness and definition in the upper face (cheeks, under the eyes and in the temples) and become more full in the lower face, creating jowls, a less defined jawline, more prominent nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Below, we discuss the causes of marionette lines, smile lines and nasolabial folds, as well as their treatment.

What Causes Loss of Facial Definition

What we see as a loss of facial definition, is a result of the face slowly becoming less taut over the years. The skin and structures beneath that support it, become less full, less tight and slowly follow gravity. We may notice less defined cheekbones, heavier skin in the medial face creating nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and a jawline that is heavier, and less well defined.

The causes are multiple, and may affect us all.

Ageing results in a reduction of elastin and collagen in the skin. Elastin (as the name suggests) gives skin its elasticity. It allows the skin to bounce back when it is stretched. Collagen is responsible for skin firmness. The loss of each of these, results in skin that is less supple, and that sags under gravity. As our collagen and elastin reduce, we may notice the appearance of Crow’s feet, smile lines and fine lines.

UV exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, excess alcohol intake, and chronic illness all can wreak havoc on our elastin and collagen.

If you have carried excess weight, the stretching of the skin can damage the elastin fibres and, like a pair of over-stretched track pants, may not be able to recoil back to where they were, when the weight is lost.

The structures beneath the skin (bone, muscle, other soft tissue structures) can lose volume over time, meaning less support of the skin, and a less defined facial appearance

Botox® or Filler Treatment for Loss of Facial Definition

At Palm Clinic, Auckland, NZ cheek enhancement can be achieved with hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers without the need for plastic surgery or a general anaesthetic.

Volumising with hyaluronic acid dermal filler is a safe, easy and effective way to rejuvenate the face and provide cheek definition. This technique is becoming increasingly popular at Palm Clinic, as our clients discover its subtle yet highly flattering results. Individual results may vary.

Dermal Fillers

Instead of pulling skin tighter (as in traditional facelifts), volumising with dermal fillers such as Juvederm simply helps to restore the fullness your skin used to have. This is why it looks so natural.

Volumising can recreate the youthful ‘apple’ in your cheeks, and provide sculpted, gentle curves to your profile. The secret is, to treat conservatively, a ‘less is more’ approach, to re-define your contours, without looking ‘done’. With dermal filler especially, it is important that you see an experienced injector- for safety, and for an optimal aesthetic outcome.

When we see over-inflated, rounded cheeks, this is never flattering. We focus more on filling the lateral, outer cheek, which gives the face definition, and a more angular look, rather than filling the medial (apple) of the cheek too much which creates a hamster, chubby appearance. When the lateral cheek is more defined, we notice a softening of the nasolabial fold (line from nose to lips), and marionettes (line from corner of mouth toward the jawline) as the skin is lifted toward the cheeks.

Cheek Definition For Men

Cheek definition can significantly rejuvenate the male face.

This is performed in men by volumising with Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm.

improved facial definition

As men age we lose fat from the cheeks and mid face which can cause a hollowed appearance and can prematurely age us.  By replacing the lost volume with Dermal Fillers a more youthful appearance is restored whilst maintaing a very natural, masculine appearance.

improved facial definition

Individual results may vary.

We also have a new dermal filler treatment at Palm Clinic, Auckland NZ specifically designed to provide increased definition to the jawline. Juvederm Volux can work wonders for jowls, and even for tightening the skin of the neck and improving a double chin, by pulling up on these tissues from above.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel laser ‘resurfaces’ the skin, promoting collagen growth and an improved skin texture and radiance. After numbing the skin with topical local anaesthetic, the laser ‘damages’ the skin, in a controlled way. This damage, initiates the skin’s healing response, resulting in new collagen production in the dermis in the treated area.

Medical Grade Skincare

Our Skin therapist will assess your skin, and prescribe medical grade skincare to use at home, as well as medifacials/chemical peels to improve the condition of your skin. The most important ingredients in your facial treatment are vitamin A (retinoids) which increase the turnover of your skin, and boost collagen production, a quality SPF to protect against further UV damage, and vitamin C, to promote collagen growth.

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam DunnConsulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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Botox®  is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet round the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox® is right for you. If you have side effects, see your doctor. You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your healthcare professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at www.medsafe.govt.nz. Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary. Should only be administered by trained medical professionals.(Contains botulinum toxin A 50,100 & 200 units). Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.

Juvederm Ultra™ & Juvederm Ultra Plus™ are medical devices Class III for the filling of medium size and deep facial wrinkles by injection into the skin and for creating definition and volume in the lips. Contains 24mg/mL. cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Juvederm has risks and benefits. Cautions: Use in an area that has been treated with another dermal filler, people with autoimmune disease, or who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18 years of age or have an increased susceptibility to keloid formation and hypertrophic scarring. People on blood thinning medicines. Possible side effects: injection site inflammatory reactions (redness/swelling, itching/pain on pressure) induration or nodules; discolouration; weak filling effect. If you have side effects or concerns speak to your doctor. Product and treatment costs will apply. Note: Juvederm treatment lasts about 12-24 months. For product information check with your doctor or product information at Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.      

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