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Elos Laser | Elos IPL Skin Rejuvenation Auckland NZ

Elos IPL is the laser treatment of choice at Palm Clinic for facial rejuvenation. It is effective at removing spider veins, rosacea, age spots and brown pigment, and for stimulating collagen. Treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes after which you can simply reapply your makeup and return to work.

Our Auckland, NZ clinic has over 20 years experience with IPL devices and has been using Elos IPL since 2005. Read below about the benefits of Elos IPL, what to expect during treatment, and the intended results.

What is Elos IPL?

Elos IPL is a laser treatment that uses light to fade the appearance of skin imperfections such as brown spots, spider veins and rosacea. It also stimulates collagen production and delivers fast, visible results of smoother, brighter skin on most skin types.

The average IPL treatment takes less than 30 minutes to perform and requires no downtime. After treatment you can return to work or other normal activities, and use makeup to cover any redness or brown spots that the treatment may have caused.

Freckles and brown pigmentation on the face and back reduced after Elos IPL treatment.

The Benefits Of Elos Laser Treatment

Elos IPL has advantages over other laser treatments. Unlike standard lasers which use only one or two wavelengths, Elos IPL operates at a range of light wavelengths in order to treat a range of concerns all at once, such as age spots, brown spots, spider veins and brown pigment, while leaving the treated area free from potentially harmful side effects. It is effective on most skin types including darker skin tones. 

Elos is the first laser skin technology that uses combined energies of radiofrequency and intense pulsed light to effectively and gently restore and rejuvenate skin. 

Brown pigment spots on the hand reduced after Elos laser treatment.

What to Expect During Elos IPL Treatment

Before receiving laser treatment, there is an initial consultation with one of our cosmetic medicine team where your concerns will be discussed and you will be advised on which treatment will be most effective.

As we offer a range of laser and skin therapy options, you may be recommended a combination of treatments such as laser treatment and chemical peels, to provide optimal results with minimal stress to your skin. Any suspicious skin lesions will be examined with a dermatoscope by a doctor before treatment.

Before treatment you will need to avoid sun exposure for four to six weeks and use a good sunblock on the treatment area to protect it from our harsh New Zealand sun. Although effective on darker skin types, you cannot have treatment if you have a fake or real tan.

During treatment at Palm Clinic New Zealand  we will consider your skin colour, skin type, and treatment area, to generate your laser settings. 

IPL treatment consists of a series of laser flashes on the skin. These feel like a flick from a rubber band and can be a little uncomfortable but are generally not painful. Elos technology assures a higher comfort level than other laser technology. 

Brown spots and brown pigmentation on the face reduced after one Elos treatment.

Elos Laser Treatment Results and Aftercare

After Elos laser Auckland you will have a mild sunburn-like sensation which lasts 2 to 24 hours. Mild swelling or redness may accompany this but it usually resolves in two to three days. Until redness has completely resolved, avoid aggressive rubbing and exfoliants. You can apply a pure Aloe Vera lotion to the treated area if needed.  

Side effects are very rare and many patients return to normal activities right away. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment.

Immediately after treatment, brown spots will appear darker before they fade away over the next seven to ten days. Brown spots are usually visibly reduced  with two or three treatments. 

Gradual and cumulative improvement to skin tone and spider veins is typically achieved in three to five treatments and we schedule these treatments three to six weeks apart.

Who Is Not Suitable For Elos IPL Auckland

Conditions that exclude you from Elos IPL Auckland include pregnancy, pacemakers, active infection, a history of keloid scarring, a suspicious mole in the treatment area and RoAccutane treatment in the previous six months.

Elos IPL Auckland used to treat facial redness / rosacea

Facial redness is often associated with rosacea.

Elos IPL Auckland used to treat facial redness / rosacea

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Consulatation at Palm Clinic with Dr Sam Dunn

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