Beauty Therapy

Women often rank skin quality higher than body shape in defining outer beauty. Beauty Therapy plays a large role in improving skin quality and supporting the effectiveness of other treatments such as laser therapy and dermal fillers. Our Palm Clinic Beauty Therapists tailor treatments that are designed to improve the look and feel of your skin to assist in a fresher and more hydrated appearance. 

What can you do to make my skin look better?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and literally the only one you present to the world. It's worth looking after!

Our skin therapists can assess your individual concerns and prescribe a customised plan to address them. We use clinically active ingredients that are proven by Science and are not available in a Pharmacy.

A combination of good skin care at home and in clinic treatments can restore the smoothness, shine and elasticity of a youthful skin.

Beauty Therapy Treatments

by qualified Skin & Beauty Therapists

Chemical Peels

Gentle and tailored peels to help your skin shine.



Stimulate collagen growth meaning smoother, brighter and more elastic skin.


Tailored and gentle facials to keep your skin in top shape.


Lightwave Therapy

Use light to invigorate your skin cells.


Maintenance therapy especially effective for acne and blackheads.

Skin Care Products

Medically active ingredients for visible results.

Taking the next step

It all starts with good skin care.

Our expert therapists can give you a tailored prescribed plan suited to your skin type. 

Palm Clinic Aesthetic. We make it look natural.
Accredited Doctor – New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine
Accredited Doctor –
New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine

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